How to maintain a printer at fall and winter?

Printers are still indispensable   With the development of The Times, it can be said that paperless office has been favored by more and more users, but it cannot be said that paperless office can replace paper-based office. As far as paper is concerned, it is still an indispensable part of people's work, so it […]

2020 Third Quater of the Global Printing Equipment Report

IDC has released the global Print device Tracking Report for the third quarter of 2020. In the quarter, global shipments of printing equipment rose 8.6 per cent year on year to nearly 26.2m units. This is the first reported increase in global print device shipments since the second quarter of 2018. IDC says this is […]

Happy Thanks Giving Day

  Thank our customers for their support, thank colleagues and family for their care, thank the company for giving us a platform! Thanks to Asta for letting us meet and know each other and let us rely on each other, and hope that our story will last forever. Although Thanksgiving is a Western holiday, the […]

The paper appears completely white when printing

The paper appears completely white when printing 1. There is a problem with the scanner, mirror and transfer assembly Check the scanner, reflector and transfer components, and repair or replace them in time. 2. The protective cover is not opened, and the conductive steel sheet of the magnetic roller is not in contact with the […]

The paper appears completely black when printing

1. The corona wire is broken If the corona wire is broken, replace the corona wire. 2. Missing charging roller or poor assembly If the printing is completely black, it may be due to missing charging roller or improper assembly. This is usually caused by poor installation of the toner cartridge after manual removal. At […]

Paper cannot enter the printer

1. Check if the printing paper is wet Sometimes, if the printing paper is damp, the printing will not feed! At this time, dry paper needs to be replaced to print normally. 2. Check the printing paper loading position Check whether the loading position of the printing paper is correct and whether it exceeds the […]

How much does refilling printer cost?

With the decline in the price of various laser printers, the price of original consumables-toner cartridges has also risen all the way, maintaining a "higher above" attitude. Many manufacturers have also set up various obstacles to prevent users from adding powder by themselves. Operation, as a result, the cost of laser printing becomes very high, […]

What is the problem of bad printing effect?

Common printing problems of inkjet printers 1 Incomplete and unclear printing -cause of issue: Insufficient supply margin Clogged nozzle -solution: 1. Check whether the supply of consumables is sufficient, if the supply is insufficient, you need to replace the printing consumables; 2. If there is sufficient consumables, the ink cartridges should be cleaned, considering that […]

How should the graphic industry master internet thinking?

An epidemic at the beginning of this year directly promoted the development of "online business" of thousands of companies. In the past, when we did offline, we might be pulling the printer to the graphic store, and explaining the advantages and selling points of the machine face to face with the graphic store users. Although […]

Why Is The OPC Stained With Toner and How To Deal With It

Why is the opc stained with toner and how to deal with it 1. There are sticky substances on the drum core, such as grease, etc. Solution: wipe the drum core with a clean soft cloth. 2. The powder is not filled well Solution: Fill the powder carefully, don't add too much at one time. […]

Toner Cartridge Cleaning And Maintenance

1. First turn off the printer power switch, and unplug the printer from the power outlet. 2. Then open the flip cover of the laser printer, carefully remove the photosensitive drum assembly, wipe the surface with absorbent cotton, but do not use force to prevent scratches on the photosensitive drum surface. 3. Next, wipe the […]

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