1. Check if the printing paper is wet

Sometimes, if the printing paper is damp, the printing will not feed! At this time, dry paper needs to be replaced to print normally.

2. Check the printing paper loading position

Check whether the loading position of the printing paper is correct and whether it exceeds the arrow mark on the left guide rail. After adjustment, try again.

3. Check if there is any printing paper jammed in the printer

If the printing paper is jammed in the printer and not taken out in time, the printing will not feed. If a paper jam occurs when the printer is printing, carefully remove the paper. Slowly pull out the jammed paper along the paper exit direction when picking up the paper. After removing the paper, you must check whether the paper is intact.

4. Check whether the consumable life indicator flashes

The consumable life indicator flashes or keeps on, which means that the consumables are about to run out. When the consumables are exhausted, the printer will not be able to feed paper, and the corresponding new ink cartridge must be replaced to continue printing.