What typical issues do low-temperature printing devices have?

Into the winter, the temperature drops, a variety of printing equipment into the "high incidence of disease", to a certain extent, affecting work efficiency. Summarised, the common problems are mainly concentrated in the following three points: ① printer start slow, affecting normal use ② paper jam, motionless paper jam ③ poor printing results First, the […]

Toner cartridges should be noted before use:

Toner cartridges should be noted before use: 1, avoid using or storing in high temperature, high humidity, high cold environment, avoid prolonged exposure to bright light 2, the toner cartridge is not in use, do not tear open the black packaging bag, do not open the toner cartridge photoconductor cover, so as to avoid the […]

What are the precautions when using toner cartridges?

With the development of science and technology, printers in daily life office has been one of the essential tools. Often used is a laser printer, and the toner cartridge is a laser printer commonly used consumables, then the use of toner cartridges may appear in the process of several common problems, are how to cause […]

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