Some Matters Needing Attention When Using Ink Cartridges

1. The printer should be used frequently, even if it is not printing, it must be turned on at least once a week; 2. Do not reach into the printer or touch the ink cartridge when printing; 3. There are many factors that affect the print quality. In addition to the quality of the ink […]

How to Distinguish Toner Quality Indicators

Toner quality indicators are distinguished from the following six aspects: 1. Curing power: carbon powder has good adhesion on media such as copy paper, plate-making transfer paper, and tapen film; 2. Fine precision: all kinds of toner meet the requirements of 300-1200DPI laser machine; 3. Blackness: plate-making toner, special blackening formula, increase the blackness of […]

Classification of Rribbons

1. FC2 resin-based thermal transfer ribbon Suitable for paper, polyethylene film (PE), polyvinyl chloride film (PVC) and other materials Common specifications: 25mm×100m, 30mm×100m, 35mm×100m Temperature range: 110~160℃ Color type: black, blue, red Features: clear printing, strong adhesion, but slight stickiness 2. FR type wax-based thermal transfer ribbon, suitable for paper, leather and other materials Common […]

How to Solve the Problem of Toner Leakage in HP Printer Cartridges

How to solve the problem of powder leakage from HP printers The problem of powder leakage from HP printers has been besetting everyone. Here I will share with you some simple reasons and solutions I know: 1: The influence of powder leakage HP's color laser printers, especially roller-type printers, such as HP1500/2500/2550, HP4500, etc., have […]

Knowledge of Printing Consumable Cartridge Failure

1. Toner cartridge leakage: In addition to shell damage, it is usually due to the accumulation of powder on the magnetic stick in the toner cartridge during transportation or during use by some customers. The solution is simple, just turn the drum core a few times in the same direction. 2. A vertical underworld with […]

The Determinants of the Quality of the Printed Documents

The determinants of the quality of the printed document are mainly the printer performance, the physical and mechanical properties of the toner cartridge, and the quality of the toner. The influence of the toner composition on the image quality mainly includes the following aspects: 1. Resin-the main imaging substance, which constitutes the main component of […]

How to Clean the Waste Powder Rremaining in the Toner Cartridge

Many printer toner cartridges do not actually use up the toner in the laser printer selenium when they are replaced. Some toner is often left in the waste toner box or toner box. If it is not cleaned, we will add toner. With the original toner, it may form a blocky solid due to incompatibility. […]

How to Rrepair the Toner Cartridge?

ACO tells you that it can be divided into two parts: adding new toner and replacing the photosensitive drum. The following takes the commonly used HP 6L printer toner cartridge as an example to provide you with a method of how to regenerate the toner cartridge. First of all, cut off the power of the […]

Tips of Using Eenvironmentally Friendly Toner Cartridges

1. Installation and use environment: temperature 10-330C, relative humidity 20-80%. 2. Use suitable printing media: do not use paper with uneven cuts, tears, wrinkles, curled edges, torn holes, and staples; too thick and too hard paper (especially business card paper) will quickly scratch the photosensitive Use drums as little as possible; when printing films, some […]

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