1. The printer should be used frequently, even if it is not printing, it must be turned on at least once a week;

2. Do not reach into the printer or touch the ink cartridge when printing;

3. There are many factors that affect the print quality. In addition to the quality of the ink cartridges, there are also the choice of media, the clarity of the original picture, the output resolution during printing, etc., so that the user can make a correct judgment when the quality of the printer drops;

4. Use the machine immediately after unpacking the ink cartridge (to prevent air from entering the ink jet port);

5. Do not use ink cartridges beyond the expiration date.

6. Do not put the ink cartridge upside down for a long time before using it on the machine and avoid strong light or high temperature environment;

7. When the ink end indicator light starts to flash during printing, it means that the ink will be used up. You can still print several sheets continuously until the indicator light stops flashing and printing stops. At this time, you should replace the ink cartridge immediately;