ACO tells you that it can be divided into two parts: adding new toner and replacing the photosensitive drum. The following takes the commonly used HP 6L printer toner cartridge as an example to provide you with a method of how to regenerate the toner cartridge. First of all, cut off the power of the printer, take the toner cartridge out of the printer (this is of course, or how to regenerate it), then use diagonal pliers to clamp the metal pin on one side and pull it out carefully (or Use a nail to put the metal pin into the toner cartridge. After opening the toner cartridge, the metal pin can be taken out). After the silver metal pins on both sides are pulled out, the toner cartridge can be divided into two parts. The side with light blue photosensitive selenium is the waste toner collection part. The side with the magnetic roller is the part for powder supply.

Then unscrew the screw on the gearless side of the part of the magnetic roller that supplies the powder. After removing the plastic shell, you can see a plastic cover. Open the plastic cover to clean the toner in the toner bin and on the magnetic roller. Be sure to clean up all the residual toner, preferably with a vacuum cleaner. Then install the magnetic roller in the reverse order of just now. At this time, apply force to press the magnetic roller to prevent the magnetic roller from leaving its original position. Shake the toner evenly and slowly pour it into the toner supply bin. After putting on the plastic cover and plastic shell, pay attention to aligning the semi-circle on the end of the magnetic roller shaft with the semi-circular small hole on the plastic shell. Gently turn the gear on the side of the magnetic roller several times to make the toner evenly.

Now comes the most important step-replace the new photosensitive drum. Use diagonal pliers to pull out the fixing pin of the waste toner collecting part that fixes the photosensitive drum (the fixing pin cannot be driven into the toner cartridge with nails here!). After pulling out the fixing pin, the old photosensitive drum can be taken out, and then the waste Clean up the waste powder in the powder collection part. Replace the new photosensitive drum in the reverse order of disassembly. When installing the photosensitive drum, pay attention to it. There are left and right points. Install the side with the gear butt the groove. Then fix the photosensitive drum with the fixing pins. The newly purchased photoconductor drum has a black anti-exposure seal. Do not remove it before installation to prevent exposure. It can be removed only after the installation is complete. Finally, install and restore the toner supply part and waste toner collection part according to the positions when they were disassembled, insert the metal latches on both sides, and then start printing.