1. Installation and use environment: temperature 10-330C, relative humidity 20-80%.

2. Use suitable printing media: do not use paper with uneven cuts, tears, wrinkles, curled edges, torn holes, and staples; too thick and too hard paper (especially business card paper) will quickly scratch the photosensitive Use drums as little as possible; when printing films, some of the film coatings will melt and stick to the fixing roller, causing permanent damage, so pay special attention to the choice of film.

3. When replacing the toner cartridge, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the place where the toner cartridge is placed in the machine. Use a soft cloth to clean the paper dust and toner accumulated on the paper path. The exposed electrical contact piece can be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to maintain a good electrical Contact. Otherwise, it may cause light printing.

4. To check whether the photosensitive drum rotates flexibly, just push the photosensitive drum gear one round in the direction of pushing the drum protective cover (74A and 3903A are the opposite). If the user reverses the photosensitive drum, the toner will accumulate between the magnetic roller and the powder ejection knife, causing powder leakage.

5. Swing the toner cartridge 6-8 times before using the toner cartridge to loosen and evenly distribute the toner, then pull out the seal and put the toner cartridge into the printer.

6. Under normal circumstances, if the machine shows the TONER LOW logo, the printed product will appear light-colored. At this time, you can shake the toner cartridge, and you can also print 40-50 sheets.