Tips for Using Environmentally Friendly Toner Cartridges

(1) Use environment: The temperature is over 0 ~ 33 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity is 20 ~ 80%, and the temperature is too high or too low, which will affect the printing effect. (2) Use printing media with caution: Be careful not to use paper with uneven cuts, tears, wrinkles, curling, holes, and staples; […]

How to Clean the Corona Wire of the Drum Unit?

If you have print quality problems, follow these steps to clean the corona wire: Do not use any type of spray to clean the inside and outside of the device, as this may result in fire or electric shock. 1.Open the front cover. 2.Slowly remove the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly. 3. We recommend […]

Why does the Number of Printed Pages Vary From Thousands to Millions?

Laser printing equipment, because of its stable output and large printing volume, has been accepted by various types of enterprises. For such a core component of printing equipment that has fully entered our office life, you may never have noticed that it is a photosensitive drum! When the user is judged by the performance parameters […]

When the Printer Does Not Recognize the Ink Cartridges

In the process of using the printer, it is often encountered that the ink cartridge is not recognized. Sometimes, as long as you reinstall the ink cartridge or restart the printer, the ink cartridge recognition will return to normal, but often these small tips and small methods can't solve the above problems. First, check if […]

What is the Composition in the Toner Cartridge?

F-Fe3O4 crystal powder (PLGMENT): 20-30% Polyacrylate-styrene copolymer: 50-60% CCA: 10-20% Fluidizing agent SiO2, etc. Surface modifier polyethylene / polypropylene paraffin Toner is divided into magnetic toner and non-magnetic toner, and the distribution ratio of the toner used by each machine model is different. Many bottled toners or bulk toners are not distinguished. Only one type […]

Arbor Day

To protect trees is to contribute to the green environment of the world. Saving paper,starting from double-sided printing.

What Is the Difference between Printer Cartridge and Toner?

Difference: 1. The toner cartridge is used for laser printers, and toner is used for printing; the ink cartridges are used for inkjet printers, and inks are used to adapt to different product ranges. 2. The toner cartridge is filled with powder, and the ink cartridge is filled with ink. The ink cartridge can be […]

How Toner Is Made

To meet different needs, toner production is developing in the direction of refinement, colorization and high speed. Toner manufacturing mainly uses crushing and polymerization methods: Polymerization method The polymerization method is a fine chemical carbon powder technology, which includes (suspension polymerization, emulsion polymerization, microcapsule filling, dispersion polymerization, compression polymerization, chemical pulverization). The polymerization method is […]

Happy International Women's Day

The world because of feminine birth, appears particularly beautiful! Is only small regards, is actually a thick true meaning! Wishes the March Eighth to be joyful, is forever young attractively!

Export order to Iraq

Today, goods exported to Iraq have been loaded for delivery to customers who give great support to ASTA Neither Coronavirus nor anything else can stop ASTA from promising to safely deliver high-quality products to customers. Come on, Wuhan, angel in white, come on, China!

Export order to Senegal

Today, goods exported to Senegal have been loaded for delivery to customers who trust ASTA. No matter how the coronavirus rages, it does not stop us from shipping to every customer on time. Ship on time and fulfill our promise. This is the corporate purpose of ASTA, and it is what every ASTA group is […]

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