In the process of using the printer, it is often encountered that the ink cartridge is not recognized. Sometimes, as long as you reinstall the ink cartridge or restart the printer, the ink cartridge recognition will return to normal, but often these small tips and small methods can't solve the above problems.

First, check if the ink cartridge and printer are compatible.
How to determine what kind of ink cartridge is correct? Generally speaking, when we open the ink cartridge compartment cover of the printer, the type of the ink cartridge will be affixed inside, and during the driver installation process, the driver after installation will also prompt the ink cartridge model .

Second, pay extra attention when following the cartridge
When installing a new ink cartridge, we need to remove the adhesive tape from the nozzle of the ink cartridge. It is worth mentioning that during this process, do not touch it with your hand, so that there is no contact with the ink cartridge.

Third, install the ink cartridges correctly
To install the ink cartridge correctly: Hold the ink cartridge by its sides with the nozzles facing the printer, and then slide the ink cartridge forward into the slot. After that, close the top cover on the ink cartridge slot, and make sure that the ink cartridge is installed in place.

Fourth, remove the ink cartridge and put it back in
If the ink cartridge is incompatible or damaged, print the ink cartridge door or the upper cover of the machine. After the ink cartridge moves to the replacement location address, unplug the printer's power cord and USB cable and remove the ink cartridge.

We need to use a dry cotton swab and a lint-free cloth to wipe the ink cartridge contacts and the contacts of the pen holder board in the ink cartridge slot to ensure that there is no ink or debris accumulation on the ink cartridge contacts and the slot contacts. Remember not to touch the ink cartridge nozzles and contacts with your hands.

Fifth, clean the copper contacts of the ink cartridge
In addition to the above precautions, we can also use a clean cotton swab or a lint-free cloth dipped in a small amount of distilled water to clean the copper-colored contacts of the ink cartridges and the contacts in the ink cartridge slots, and then let the ink cartridges dry for about 10 minutes. Note: The ink cartridge should not dry for too long, less than 30 minutes.

Sixth: restart the printer.
Another method that everyone has tried is to power on normally, wait for the machine to be ready, unplug the power cord, wait about 3 minutes, then plug the power cord back in and restart the printer.