(1) Use environment: The temperature is over 0 ~ 33 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity is 20 ~ 80%, and the temperature is too high or too low, which will affect the printing effect.

(2) Use printing media with caution: Be careful not to use paper with uneven cuts, tears, wrinkles, curling, holes, and staples; paper that is too thick and stiff (especially business card paper) will grind quickly Injury to the photosensitive drum should be used as little as possible; when printing film, the coating of some films will melt and adhere to the fixing roller, causing permanent damage, so special attention should be paid to the selection of film.

(3). To check whether the photoconductor drum can rotate flexibly, just push the photoconductor drum gear in the direction that the protective cover of the toner cartridge is pushed away. If the photosensitive drum is turned upside down, toner will accumulate between the magnet roller and the powder ejection knife, causing powder leakage.

(4). Before using the toner cartridge, swing the toner cartridge 6 to 8 times to loosen and evenly distribute the toner. Then pull out the seal and put the toner cartridge into the print.

(5) In general, if the machine shows the TONER LOW logo, the printed product will appear pale. At this time, you can shake the toner box and print 40 ~ 50.