Laser printing equipment, because of its stable output and large printing volume, has been accepted by various types of enterprises. For such a core component of printing equipment that has fully entered our office life, you may never have noticed that it is a photosensitive drum!

When the user is judged by the performance parameters such as the printing speed and printing accuracy on the laser printing device, or is disturbed by dazzling functions such as ID card copying and cloud printing, you may ignore the most important photosensitive drum on the laser printing device. unit. The photosensitive drum unit on the laser printing equipment is the core of the product printing imaging. Photosensitive drum is a light-sensitive device made of light-guiding materials. Its basic working principle is the process of converting optical signals into electrical signals. Of course, as the core component, the photoreceptor drum is the most expensive of laser printing equipment consumables, none of them!

At present, the photosensitive drums on laser printing equipment are mainly sold in the market in two forms. One is the toner-integrated consumables, which are mainly used in desktop laser printing equipment. As the name implies, the photosensitive drum and toner cartridge are integrated design and manufacturing. The user also replaces the photosensitive drum when purchasing replacement toner. Although the print quality is always maintained at a high level, this consumable is sold at a higher price and the cost of a single sheet is slightly more expensive.

The second is that the photosensitive drum is sold as a single consumable. This type of photosensitive drum is mostly used in high-end desktop laser printing equipment and most of the composite machine products. Although the single-sold photosensitive drum will not be replaced due to the amount of toner. The life-span technology of photoconductor drums has high requirements, but the cost of single-sheet printing of such products is very low and is widely loved by various enterprises.