Several ways to save color ink in printers

1. Select print quality on-demand The ink consumption of inkjet printers is directly proportional to its print quality and resolution. We should choose the appropriate print resolution and print quality according to different application requirements. When printing on documents with less demanding colors, you can use the quality type of “Text” mode to save ink […]

How do printing supplies prevent moisture in wet weather?

1. Ink moisture is printed in wet weather, and printed documents or patterns tend to appear pale and fuzzy, or even stained. The reason for this is that in addition to the moisture of the paper, the ink used by the printer is not waterproof and moisture-proof. Therefore, when choosing an inkjet printer, try to […]

Eight Details That Should Be Noted For Adding Powder

1. Please add a test page before adding the powder to judge whether there is any problem with the toner cartridge. Can you continue to add powder? 2. Be careful when disassembling the toner cartridge and do not accidentally damage the toner cartridge due to bumps. 3. If the toner cartridge of the printer cartridge […]

Refill Toner Powder Tips

Before adding powder, first, check whether it is suitable for adding powder. Turn the gear on the side of the powder box to visually check whether the magnetic powder is evenly leveled and scratched. If the powder on the magnetic roller is uneven or scratched, replace the magnetic rod. Or add the powder after scraping. […]

EPSON Inkjet Machine Needs to Be Cleared

480, 580, C20, C40, C41 series It can be cleared when an unknown error, service request, or alternately flashing of the power and paper feed when the printer is turned on. After running the online software, the first interface selects the corresponding option and clicks "OK" to enter. The program prompts the box. Don't bother […]

2019 Remax World Expo Invitation

  Our Company will participate in the 2019 Remax World Expo on Booth No. 1125 from October 17th-19th. Welcome, all customers to visit. Address: Zhuhai International Convention&Exhibition Center No. 1663, Silver Bay Road, Wan Chai, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China.

Ink Cartridge Common Faults and Troubleshooting Methods

After the new ink cartridge is installed, the ink is displayed after no ink is printed or a few pages are printed. the reason: 1. The ink cartridge is not installed properly or the sensor shrapnel is not returned in the cartridge. It needs to be reinstalled or manually helped to reset the shrapnel. 2. […]

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