Several ways to save color ink in printers

1. Select print quality on-demand The ink consumption of inkjet printers is directly proportional to its print quality and resolution. We should choose the appropriate print resolution and print quality according to different application requirements. When printing on documents with less demanding colors, you can use the quality type of “Text” mode to save ink by reducing the print quality. When printing a document with rich colors, setting the print properties properly can not only save ink but also greatly increase the printing speed.

2, to avoid the background color Some web pages use color or some other pattern as the background, try not to print these backgrounds before printing. We can open the Internet properties and cancel the selection of "Print background color and image" in the "Print" option. Otherwise, it is possible to waste a lot of ink and paper because of the strong background color.

3, reduce the number of boot times each time the inkjet printer starts, it must automatically clean the print head and initialize the printer once, and ink the ink delivery system, this will make a lot of ink is wasted, so it is best not to let it start frequently. We should try to concentrate the printed documents together and print them one at a time, so as to save ink. 4. Reduce the number of cleanings. Do not easily check, calibrate or clean the nozzles. Printers are typically equipped with tool software for nozzle inspection, calibration, and cleaning. Inspection and calibration require printing, and of course, ink is required; cleaning the nozzle requires more ink, which is wasteful. Therefore, the nozzle is inspected, corrected or cleaned only when there is a problem with the print quality.

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