Refill Toner Powder Tips

Before adding powder, first, check whether it is suitable for adding powder. Turn the gear on the side of the powder box to visually check whether the magnetic powder is evenly leveled and scratched. If the powder on the magnetic roller is uneven or scratched, replace the magnetic rod. Or add the powder after scraping. Since the magnetic properties of the magnetic roller are gradually weakened, the printing becomes shallow. If the squeegee is not good, the powder leakage will occur, resulting in a drop in print quality. Therefore, it is necessary to check these conditions clearly before adding powder, so that you can know what you are doing.

The first method of opening and adding powder is simple and quick, but there are also many problems. The Achilles heel is that the powder cannot be removed, and the internal parts of the toner cartridge cannot be inspected and cleaned. Although it is possible to open the hole in the powder, the sealing is not strict, which will cause the toner cartridge to leak powder. Moreover, the number of additions should not be too much. I think this method is still not used for the second because the problem is solved and the toner cartridge is finally opened.

The second method of disassembly and powdering is the most common. Disassemble the toner cartridge, take the drum core out first, then take out the cleaning stick, you can see that there is a pin for connecting at each end of the toner cartridge.

This pin can only be pulled out from the inside out (the first time you add the powder to take the pin may be troublesome. When assembling the powder, pay attention to push the pin completely, let it extend the plastic cover 2~3mm so that It is much more convenient to take the second sale.) Disassemble the toner cartridge in two parts. In fact, as long as you take out the pin, you don't need to take two. The next step is to clean up the waste toner. This is very important. If you don't clean it, the print sample may appear dark or light. Carefully take out the magnetic rod and spring, clean the powder bin and the powder attached to the magnetic stick, and then clean the waste toner in the waste toner bin. (You can put the toner cartridge in a plastic bag so that it will not pollute the environment. ). After the cleaning work is done, shake the toner and pour the powder evenly from the position of the magnetic rod into the powder bin (the magnetic bar is not installed, it is poured well), or you can uncover the plastic cover from the side of the powder box. But pay attention to the compaction cover to avoid leakage.

After adding the powder, put the magnetic stick on it (the magnetic rods are flat at both ends, pay attention to the alignment). Pay special attention to the spring

This is the symptom of the problem of adding powder. Adding powder does not pay attention to or reverse the magnetic stick, it is easy to break the spring. If you accidentally break it, you can solder it with a soldering iron or make a self-installing. You must pay attention to the spring and the end cap when assembling. You can test it with a multimeter. The iron and magnetic rods outside the end cap can be turned on. Also be sure to install the grounding spring on the outside of the toner cartridge (as shown in the grounding spring), otherwise print all white, and finally install the toner cartridge.

Grounding spring
I have used this method to add a lot of toner cartridges and I have never had a problem. In the process of adding powder, my experience is: disassemble the assembly according to the steps, the cleaning must be thorough, select the appropriate toner. With these points, plus careful and careful, you can do it without adding powder.

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