How do printing supplies prevent moisture in wet weather?

1. Ink moisture is printed in wet weather, and printed documents or patterns tend to appear pale and fuzzy, or even stained. The reason for this is that in addition to the moisture of the paper, the ink used by the printer is not waterproof and moisture-proof. Therefore, when choosing an inkjet printer, try to choose a printer that uses pigment ink. Because pigment inks have the characteristics of small particles and insolubility compared to dye inks, they are characterized by water repellency, non-fading, and light resistance. For the southern part of the country where moisture is heavy, the use of pigment ink can solve the problem of blurred and smeared printed documents.

2. The toner cartridge is moisture-proof. Some older models have lower moisture resistance. Once the wet season is encountered, as long as it is not used for a few days or a few sheets of wet paper are printed, the print quality of the toner cartridge will soon drop (eg The text appears shallow, the fixing is not strong, etc.). In this case, you can take out the toner cartridge, use a hairdryer to evenly heat the toner cartridge, and shake it gently, then you can immediately put it into use, or print more than 5 pages continuously so that the machine can heat up and get good. Print effect. In addition, when it is wet overnight, the paper used by the machine on the same day must be sealed and stored to prevent moisture from being affected at night and affect the effect on the second day.

3. The toner is damp-proof and the weather is back to the south. Whether it is a new powder from a printer or a copier, it will become difficult to get wet soon. Even the original drum powder is no exception. It has not been used up. The result is printing or copying. The word out of the whole page is unclear, or a partial "whiteboard" phenomenon. The easiest solution is to take the toner cartridge out on the radiator and dry the towel on the middle pad. After one night, press it to solve the problem. If there is no radiator, you can pour out the toner, blow the powder bin with a hairdryer (to be blown with hot air), and put the powder on the side of the computer and put it on for 2 hours. It should be noted that the toner should not be used too hard, and it may damage the toner cartridge if you continue to use it.

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