1. Problem: bottom ash

Reasons: low humidity, high temperature; PCR (charge roller) defects; magnetic roller sheath and coating defects; PCR or corona electrical contact defects; OPC (photosensitive drum) defects; poor carbon powder, carbon powder mixed;

Solution: Best RH=50-60%; replace defective parts; replace toner; check high voltage power supply.

2, the problem: ghost

Reasons: cleaning blade, a photosensitive drum, charging roller, corona wire, eraser lamp, developing roller defect; upper fixing roller, high voltage power supply defect; bad toner.

Solution: Replace or clean defective parts; check high voltage power supply; replace toner.

3, the problem: hollow words

Cause: Upper fixing roller is worn; toner problem; improper media; the paper surface is too slippery or too hard; paper is reversed.

Replace the upper fuser roller; replace the media or toner; try the paper in reverse.

4, the problem: missing vertical

Cause: The laser is blocked or the magnetic roller sleeve has foreign matter; the mirror is dirty or the transfer component is defective or the high voltage power supply is improper; the magnetic roller coating or the powder knife is defective, and the bias is improper.

Solution: Check the magnetic roller sleeve or anything that blocks the laser from shining onto the drum; clean the mirror; check the high voltage power supply; replace the defective transfer roller, magnetic roller or scraper.

5, the problem: the level of leakage

Causes: drum coating, drive gear defects; magnetic roller sleeve, sheath, coating, bias contact point defects; transfer roller defects; improper high voltage power supply.

Solution: Replace the drum core; inspect and replace the defective magnetic roller sleeve, sheath, coating; clean the bias contact point; replace the transfer roller; check the high voltage power supply.

7, the problem: dusting

Cause: The scraper is worn and wrinkled; the magnetic roller sleeve is stuck with foreign matter; the powder knife is defective; the spacing is improper; the transfer roller or the high voltage power supply is improper.

Solution: Replace the retracting blade; clean the magnetic roller cover; replace the powder knife; check the spacing; check the high voltage power supply or transfer assembly.

8, the problem: vertical stripes

Cause: Corona wire or grid is dirty; cleaning blade or drum defect; retracting blade defect; toner accumulation on magnetic roller cover; upper fixing roller defect; high voltage power supply, transfer corona defect.

Solution: Clean the corona wire and the grid; replace the cleaning blade and drum; replace the scraper; clean the magnetic roller cover; check the upper fuser roller, high-voltage power supply, and turn the money.