1. Toner components are harmful
Generally speaking, in addition to carbon black, iron oxide and polyester, the toner components used in toner cartridges on the market also contain many metal dusts, such as nickel, cobalt, and mercury. These metal dusts are harmful to the human body. , Different products have different contents.

2. Toner contains carcinogens
Toner also contains well-known carcinogens such as benzene, aldehyde, styrene and so on. Color printing toner is full of five poisons. For example, tributyltin, a few parts per million of gram can endanger the secretion of human hormones, and severely lead to a decrease in the number of sperm in men and infertility in women.

3. Toner particles are harmful to the human body
Toner particles are very small, easily suspended in the air, enter the human body through the respiratory tract, and the toner cannot be melted in the human body, and it is extremely difficult to excrete it. After the leaked toner particles are inhaled by the human body, it is difficult to be excreted through metabolism. Harmful substances can even penetrate deep into the lungs and damage the lung tissues, which is more harmful than secondhand smoke. Therefore, long-term inhalation or one-time inhalation of many, it is very prone to respiratory diseases, insomnia, headaches, dizziness and other troubles, and more serious may cause serious diseases such as silicosis or incurable cancer.

4. The potential hazards of filling toner to human health
When the toner cartridge is filled with powder without strict environmental protection, the small particles (invisible to the naked eye) will be scattered in the air. After repeated exposure to the human body, the risk of causing cancer will be about 10% higher than that of normal people. After the surface modifier polyethylene/polypropylene paraffin is inhaled into the body, its small molecular particles will be absorbed into the blood circulatory system, and eventually will be in the kidneys by vegetation, which is extremely difficult to be discharged (because the toner is insoluble in water). The probability of inducing kidney stones and other diseases is three times higher than that of normal people.

5. Printing machinery can also harm the environment
When they work, they produce a large amount of organic waste gas such as benzopyrene and dimethylnitrosamine due to the action of the high-voltage electrostatic field. These organic gases are the third cause of disease, teratogenesis and carcinogenesis. A research report published by researchers from the British Allergy Foundation also pointed out that office equipment also releases ozone gas. Although ozone can reduce the harm of solar radiation, high ozone concentration is a scourge.