Main Features:

1, Built-in power supply
2, Maximum print speed: 5inch/s
3, Support different sizes of thermal paper roll / Adhesive paper
4, Simultaneously meets different needs in the range of media width 25~120mm, easy to operate
5, Automatic paper Detect function
6, Temperature adaptive control
7, Modular design to meet different needs

Button Instructions

Feed Button

When the printer is ready (Blue LED lights), press FEED button, the label will feed one by one

Printing Pause

When you press the PAUSE button during printing is in progress, the printing job will be paused, at this moment, the POWER indicator will flash, again press PAUSE button, printing job will continue.

Power on Function
Power on functions can be used to set or test printer hardware and enabled by pressing different buttons and checking different LED indicators while you turn on the printer power.