Five Simple Maintenance Methods for Printers

First, the print effect is different from the preview Generally, this situation occurs under the text editor. Common words such as word or wps2000, etc., are obviously neatly formatted during preview, but printed to find that some fonts are overlapping. This situation is generally due to improperly set up during editing. The solution is to […]

Analysis and Processing of Ricoh 5627 Vertical Black Bar Phenomenon

Symptom: Vertical black bars appear on the copy cause of the issue: 1. The optical part is dirty. 2. There is dust between the cleaning blade and the drum. 3. The blade of the cleaning blade is deformed. 4. The cleaning brush and the developing device inlet seal are deformed. Solution: First, reduce the copy […]

Laser Printer Problem Processing

Symptoms of the printer: paper jams. The most common failure of laser printers is paper jams. When such a fault occurs, the indicator light on the operation panel will illuminate and an alarm signal will be sent to the host. Failure method: just open the cover and remove the jammed paper. However, be careful to […]

Notes When Using Laser Printers

Printer copier supplies accessories First, the paper notes: 1, can not use ordinary paper. There are three major weaknesses in the plain paper: one is static, paper jam, sticky paper; the second is a paper resurgence, not stiff; the third is damage to the copier drum. 2. Thin paper is easy to jam, and thick […]

Ten Reasons For Printer Jams

1. Paper is damp, curled, wrinkled or cracked and will cause paper jams. 2. Excessive placement of paper in the feed slot. 3. There is debris in the paper output path. 4. The paper exit roller is worn or the spring is loose. The pressure is not enough, that is, the paper cannot be fed […]

HP printer refill powder tutorial (12a toner cartridge)

Step 1: Open the top cover and take out the toner cartridge Step 2: Remove the side screw of the drum Step 3: Remove the cartridge spring Step 4: Remove the drum Step 5: Remove the charging rod Step 6: Pull out the toner cartridge pin Step 7: Divide the toner cartridge into two and […]

Is the Printer Laser Good or Inkjet?

Advantages of laser printers: Fast print speed while maintaining high-quality text printing. The advantages of inkjet printers: with special paper can print extremely fine patterns. The specific principles of the two do not need to be repeated, and ordinary purchases have no meaning. The company buys printers, laser inkjets are all OK. The key is […]

Why does Barcode printer ribbon recycling shaft does not turn around?

The bar code printer ribbon recovery shaft is generally powered by a shaft, while the ribbon supply shaft is a driven shaft. Ribbon recovery shafts currently have two sources of power: The first type is coupled to the printing roller by a belt or a gear, and the printing roller and the ribbon recovery shaft […]

Why does the red light always jumps when the barcode printer prints?

In this case, there are several reasons for this: First, the label size in the barcode software does not match the actual label size. Second, the printing method inside the bar code machine is set incorrectly. The use of the ribbon is required to be set to the thermal transfer mode. When the ribbon is […]

Our Company Sign A New Agent in Nepal

After long communication, finally, Nepal company choose us and sign a contract us. CIMAX Tech PVT LTD becomes our asta brand, exclusive agent. All are not accidentally but some of the strength. Choose Asta, Choose toner cartridges future. Welcome to more partners

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