There are three main types of label printers: handheld label printers, desktop label printers and computer-connected label printers. They each have their own characteristics and advantages.

The handheld label printer is small in size and can be carried with you, and it is very convenient to use immediately; desktop label printers are also relatively small in size, easy to carry, and easy to use at the same time; while computer-connected label printers can be connected to a computer, not only printing speed It's fast, and there are many editable styles. Compared with the first two types, it is larger and not easy to carry.

You can choose a label printer according to your own usage scenarios and specific needs, so as to choose a label ribbon suitable for the printer.

The first is a low-end material-wax-based ribbon, which contains a high percentage of wax-based raw materials, because the melting point of wax is much lower than that of resin, and because most waxes are softer than resin, in terms of the durability of printed graphics , Wax-based ribbons are inferior to mixed-based and resin-based ribbons, and most wax-based ribbons have only one layer of coating.

The second type is conventional material-wax/tree hybrid ribbon, which contains a high percentage of resin ingredients. Since most resins are harder than wax, both the scratch resistance and chemical resistance of printed images are better than wax-based carbon ribbons, and most mixed-based carbons have two or more layers of coating.

The last is the high-end material-resin base, which contains the highest proportion of resin components. Since most resins are harder than wax, the high content of resin makes this ribbon have excellent scratch resistance and chemical resistance, and high temperature resistance, which is better than wax-based ribbons and mixed-based ribbons.

The ASTA label ribbon uses imported resin-based ribbon, which is durable and has the highest level of scratch resistance, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance. It is currently the highest level of ribbon on the market.

This kind of ribbon is printed with uniform ink color and clear writing, which is good for long-term storage. And it uses a unique film material, a transparent protective film covering the surface of the label, with good waterproof, anti-greasy, anti-scratch properties, and is not easy to fade and break. The most convenient thing is its easy-to-peel design, no traces, no glue residue.