For users of laser printers, there are three options for replacing cartridges: original cartridges, general purpose cartridges (or compatible cartridges), and refilled cartridges.

Print quality is certainly the first factor for customers to consider, there is no doubt that the original toner cartridge is clearly the best choice. Original toner cartridges, due to careful consideration in the design process with the integration of other parts of the printer, the manufacturing process is meticulous, so you can create the ideal printing results, much better than other compatible products.

And heavy-filled toner cartridges due to the manufacturing process using manual methods, printing quality is uneven, difficult to be guaranteed.

General universal toner cartridges in print quality can be said to basically meet the output requirements of the printer, and some can even exceed the standard of the original toner cartridge. But there may be differences in special circumstances, such as some ambiguity when printing 2 pounds of small words.

The printing process always seems simple, connecting the printer and sending an instruction can be done. It is the efforts made in every print detail that enable users to get the desired print results with just this simple process of operation.

Of course, printing costs are also important considerations when considering print quality, especially for price-sensitive individual users. Many people will think that the quality of the original product is good, but at the same time the price is relatively high, which is actually an incorrect understanding, a large number of objective tests show that the original cartridge single-page printing costs are not very high, the overall cost is also relatively low.

The original toner cartridge, due to its long working life, saves users more than the price of the printer itself. Therefore, it is recommended to use the original toner cartridge. Universal toner cartridges are also brand-name products, product quality is also guaranteed, the price of general-purpose toner cartridges is usually much lower than the original toner cartridges, so its overall printing costs will be better than the original toner cartridges.

As for the refillofed toner drum although its price is very attractive, but because its number of printed sheets is too small or less than half of the original toner cartridge, so its overall printing cost is no less than the original toner cartridge and general-purpose toner drum.