1. We must analyze whether the barcode printed is complete. Of course, you cannot buy a professional detector to detect it. Ordinary users can see whether the barcode is complete with the naked eye. As we all know, the barcode is composed of black bars and white bars according to the corresponding standards Yes, you can see if the printed black bar is clear. If there are some white dots on the black bar, it means that the bar code is not very good, but the scanner with better performance can be read. If the black bar is printed Not all means that the barcode has been completely unreadable, it is recommended to detect the equipment that prints the barcode.

2. Check whether the printed barcode is complete and whether the printed barcode exceeds the boundary of the label. According to the scanning principle of the barcode scanner, the barcode must be complete from left to right. Each black bar and white bar has its own meaning. Incomplete barcodes cannot be scanned even by high-end scanners.

3. Check what barcode system is printed, which is the type of barcode. Generally, the commonly used barcode systems on the market are code 128, code39, code93, EAN-13, etc. If your printed barcode system is not within this range, then Turn on the scanning function of other barcode systems of the barcode scanner. In particular, many customers will use the CODE93 code to print, and some scanners do not open CODE93, so they must be set up.

4. Check whether the barcode scanner is intact. The method is very simple: we have some barcodes around us, if the beverage bottles, books, food packaging, these barcodes are printed, the quality is very good, if the barcode scanner can not scan these barcodes, it means the barcode scanner malfunction.

5. check whether the content of the barcode is tight. Due to the limitation of the width of the barcode label, some barcodes are too long, and they must be reduced in proportion to be completely printed out. If it is not a high-density scanning gun, it will not be able to scan a very dense barcode. This is the problem that the printed content of the selected scanner and barcode does not match. The method to detect matching mismatch is very simple, you can print the barcode label with short data content for testing first.