Print Consumables are printer ( copier ) necessary for the process of using consumable products. Printing supplies can be divided into the original printing supplies, printing supplies and general reproduction printing supplies . Genuine Consumables are printer manufacturers produce special supplies ; renewable supplies means supplies for recycling old repair before using supplies ; general supplies , also known as compatible consumables , refers to the non-original manufacturers in the original printer manufacturers compatible for use on and with our own patented consumable products .

In the 1990s, some European and American companies through master printer ( copier ) key parts repair , surface treatment, chip decryption technology, can produce all kinds of brand printers ( copiers ) can be used on consumable products , these supplies not only compatible with , and the various performance parameters have reached the level of the original product . Over the past decade , some domestic companies also mastered this technique , supplies range, major products into the European market , well-known manufacturers have Zhuhai Na Sida , Tianwei Pegasus , Mahamudra , etc., Zhuhai Na Sida 2012 printer consumables sales over 1.5 billion yuan .

General feasibility of printing supplies industry

First, the market demand is huge. According to IDC report, in 2010 the global computer peripheral equipment market ( including printers , copiers and supplies ) approximately $ 149 billion , RMB approximately one trillion yuan . In China, in 2010, only printer supplies more than 20 billion yuan output value , with the economic and social development, printing supplies market demand will be growing. According to statistics, the current domestic market original, fake , general supplies market share ratio of 5:4:1 . Counterfeit supplies due to quality , intellectual property protection , damage to health and other factors, will gradually withdraw from the market, and general supplies to the quality , the price advantage will occupy more and more market share since it is possible to meet or exceed the original supplies market share.

Second, in line with national industrial policy . Printing supplies in the Ministry of Industry directories as electronic information product manufacturing computer peripherals , is supported by the state high-tech fields . Through the recycling of used toner cartridges , the production of renewable supplies , it is consistent with national development of circular economy industrial policies. The industry is a new type of labor-intensive industries, on the one hand with high technical content, on the other hand requires a lot of industrial workers .

Three are generic printing supplies competitively priced , higher-yielding investments . Relative original supplies speaking, general supplies a clear price advantage, in terms of quality , environmental protection and other considerable case, the user must be more willing to use generic supplies .

In addition, with the rise of 3D printing technology for printing supplies offer the market. Although 3D printing technology widely used in the country will take some time , but no doubt a new printing supplies market in front of you.