What is the color performance of laser printers?

There are two most direct advantages of laser printers for inkjet printers

1, the printer is fast

2, the cost of consumables is low, but his shortcomings relative to inkjet printers is that only four colors (CMYK) all colors are completed by color registration, so the color reproduction degree is certainly not good for inkjet printers, home printers, occasionally photo documents, etc. It depends on how much your average print volume is in a month. If it is more than 50 sheets/month, please purchase a black and white laser printer. Please take a photo of the photo studio to print. Because the inkjet printer's consumables are very wasteful, one ink cartridge basically prints a text document of 80-150 sheets, and the photo is much cheaper. The more expensive the laser printer is, the more it prints, the less your total expenditure. Because as long as the operation is normal, the toner cartridge needs to be replaced. Inkjet printers are initially inexpensive to purchase, but the more they print, the higher the cost of spending.