1. The toner cartridge is not in place

After the toner is filled, the pins on both sides of the toner cartridge are not installed properly during the process of installing the toner cartridge, which will cause the toner cartridge to not be fully installed in place. We took out the toner cartridge from the printer, checked the assembly of the toner cartridge in detail, and then reinstalled it in the printer for a print test.

2. The protective cover of the toner cartridge could not be opened

Take out the toner cartridge and move the protective cover above the toner cartridge OPC by hand to see if it is flexible. If it is not flexible, please reassemble it.

3. OPC ground wire function fails

This is caused by the conductive pins on both sides of the OPC falling off, or too much oil on the pins. We need to see whether the pins on both sides of the OPC fall off. If so, reset the pins directly by hand, and clean the grease on the pins and the conductive sheets in the OPC.

4. Failure to charge or poor contact on the magnetic roller of the toner cartridge

Generally, the conductive part is not installed properly, so just take it out and reinstall it, and check the conductive pieces everywhere.