Printer maintenance information

Question: The paper jam occurs when the paper is fed to 2/3 of the HP6L machine. Is it necessary to replace the sorter? Answer: The sorter is mainly responsible for single-page paper feeding. It has the imagination that multiple papers will be fed when damaged. It has nothing to do with the paper jam. You […]

The working principle of laser printer

The whole process of laser printer work can be said to be charging, exposing, developing, transferring, fixing, cleaning and erasing Wait for the cycle of the seven major steps. The entire laser printing process is carried out by the action of "charging". First, the photosensitive drum is filled with negative or positive charges. The raster […]

Maintenance and management of laser printers

1. Choose copy paper correctly Laser printers are used to output paper samples, so first choose paper. It is best to choose electrostatic copy paper. The range of paper is 60-10Sg/square meter. 70g/square meter copy paper is often used. Paper that is too thin or too thick will easily cause paper jam. It may cause […]

Factors Affecting Printing Blackness in Laser Cartridge

The toner cartridge of the laser printer assembly plays an important role in the imaging of the laser printer, and it directly affects the blackness of the printing. Several key parts of laser drum: toner, photosensitive drum, charging roller, magnetic roller and scraper. Their corresponding roles are as follows: 1. Toner, as an attachment directly […]

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