The Reason Why the Scanner Can't Scan the Barcode

1. We must analyze whether the barcode printed is complete. Of course, you cannot buy a professional detector to detect it. Ordinary users can see whether the barcode is complete with the naked eye. As we all know, the barcode is composed of black bars and white bars according to the corresponding standards Yes, you […]

Five Advantages of Toner Cartridge Inflatable Bags

1. Low cost The gas packaging bag is composed of 99% air and 1% plastic film. The packaging material is completely flat before use, which does not occupy space and can save a lot of transportation and storage costs. Under general conditions of use, gas packaging bags can save you 20% to 40% of the […]

The Function of the Toner Cartridge Chip

The toner chip is a control component on the toner cartridge. Its role is very simple, receive information, store information, feedback information, and control the printer based on this information. 1. Received information, mainly including the print volume of the toner cartridge, the amount of toner and toner coverage. This information is collected by the […]

How to Solve Paper Jam

Paper jams are a common problem with printers. Incorrect removal methods may cause greater damage to the machine. After a paper jam has occurred, turn off the power first, and then open the front door to identify the location of the paper jam. If the paper is stuck in front of the fixing unit, it […]

How to Clean the Printer

After the toner in the toner cartridge is used up, the toner shortage indicator of the printer is on, and the toner cartridge should be refilled. After adding powder, use a soft cloth or a brush to clean around the powder box. At the same time, the power cord of the printer should be unplugged, […]

Correct Use of Copy Paper and Toner Cartridges

1. Use copy paper correctly Laser printers are used to output paper patterns, so first select the paper. It is best to choose electrostatic copy paper. The range of paper is 60-105g / m2. Generally, 70g / m2 copy paper is often used. Paper that is too thin or too thick can easily cause paper […]

The Specific Performance of the Broken Printer Cartridge

1. The printed document and the drum core appear at the same time in the longitudinal width of more than 1 cm at the same time: This is a problem with the scraper, causing the powder on the stick core to be dirty. 2. Long black stripes appear on the printed document: usually the scraper […]

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