ShenZhen ASTA Donate to Poverty School in GuangXi Province

Shenzhen Asta Co., Ltd got the honored certificate of love the mountain, selfless dedication. It started from the GuangXi school welfare donation activity organized by Shenzhen Office Equipment Leasing Industry Association. Our company donated some money in this activity in the hope that some children could afford school tuition and go to school.

Office Supplies List

pen Pen: It consists of a pen tip, a pen tongue, a pen holder, a pen cap, and a water storage tube that holds ink in the rod. It is usually divided into three types: the gold-tip gold pen, the gold-plated gold pen, and the ordinary pen that does not contain gold or grain. When […]

Label Paper Removal Method

Nowadays, many labels are widely used. I believe that most people have encountered them. The vases, bowls, plastics, glassware and ceramics that we usually buy at the supermarket will also be affixed with the manufacturer's label paper. Although the surface of the printing paper can be torn off, the glue that can be glued underneath […]

ACO Epson ink

  Imported raw materials, it is 100% compatible with the original. The color is realistic and the color gamut is wide. Epson ink has a wide matching medium. Epson 002 black ink is  hot sell in 2019.

Types of Printer Ink

Laser Printers (uses Toner) Laser printers are most commonly used for office applications, because of their speed and cost-effectiveness but are now becoming the preference for home users as well due to its economy. This is especially true when you are printing large twice as fast as a comparable inkjet for half the cost per […]

Inkjet vs Laser: Which Printer Should You Get?

Printer Types Comparison Inkjet printers are generally cheaper, smaller, and have the versatility to print both text-based documents and high quality images, especially photos. BUT be wary of cheap inkjet printers as those will end up costing you a fortune later on. Laser printers, on the other hand, may be expensive upfront and uses pricier […]

How to Replace an Epson 312 Ink Cartridge

Before replacement, check the cartridge levels on your printer’s display. Select “next” and then select “yes, replace now” on the display screen to start the replacement process. You can also replace a cartridge by selecting “Maintenance>Ink Cartridge Replacement” on your printer’s display.  Then select “next” and “start.” To replace, lift the entire scanner unit up […]

How to clean printhead?

How to automatically clean an HP printhead The easiest way to resolve your print quality issue is by running a cleaning on your printer.  The cleaning function is included in the software of every HP printer model and is usually found under the “printer maintenance” section of your printer’s display menu.  Consult your printer manual […]

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