It is said that a good horse with a good saddle, a printer with a good print paper, in order to play a good effect. If you use poor quality print paper, not only poor print quality, but also easy to cause paper jams, and even trigger equipment failure.

So how to choose a good print paper? Mainly from the weight of the paper, process, colour, acidity and single-sided and double-sided to consider.

Weight: not less than 60g, preferably higher than 70g

First of all, we start from the weight of the paper, slightly heavier paper texture is better (not easy too heavy too thick), not easy to appear wrinkled, in the printing is not easy to appear the phenomenon of paper jam. So choose a moderate thickness, flat paper will not wrinkle, generally choose 60g-70g or so of paper is more suitable.

Explore the process: smooth thin thickness moderate

Paper process is also very important, how to judge the paper, in fact, touch the surface of the paper, too smooth and rough paper are not conducive to inking, greatly affecting the final print quality. In addition to hold up the paper against the light to observe, look at the uniformity of the thickness of the paper, if the translucent light is uniform, it means that the thickness of the process to do a good job.

Look at the colour: normal white

Paper is not the whiter the better. If the paper is too white or too blue, it may contain a large number of fluorescent agents or bleaching powder, not conducive to normal reading. It is very important that the paper looks good to the eyes, otherwise it may bring some burden to the eyes.

Than acidity: the best neutral paper

Copy paper in accordance with the PH pH, divided into neutral paper and acidic paper, acidic paper is generally a mixture of wood pulp and grass pulp pulp, this print paper is prone to dust, a long time easy to discolour, should not be kept for a long time. Neutral paper is made of pure wood pulp, long fibres, good bond, not easy to have dust. Generally recommended the use of neutral paper to print.

Single and double: double-sided selection of double-gummed paper

If the daily needs of double-sided printing, you need to choose double-glued paper to ensure that the quality of each side does not fall.

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At the same time, good printing results require the use of good toner cartridges. The next issue will introduce you to the use of toner cartridges: