Print Files with Your Phone

In today's highly developed Internet technology, mobile technology is gradually changing our lives. With the popularity of smart phones, more and more products are inseparable from the support of mobile phone software. As one of the indispensable equipment in daily office, printing equipment has gradually introduced the function of mobile phone printing to users, and […]

Why is black color needed for color printing?

1. To reduce the color deviation on neutral colors (grayscale) The imaging method used in the printer is CMYK color system (C-cyan; M-magenta; Y-yellow; K-key). CMYK color system belongs to subtractive color system, that is, the more different colors are superimposed, the darker the color. Eventually CMY will be synthesized into black. But with current […]

ACO Refill Ink Package

Our ink could be pigment ink and dye ink. We hav different volume 70ml and 100ml. 70ml box size is 46.5*37.5*25 100ml box size is 53*31.6*23.5

Tips for the use of laser printer

The laser printer has been warmed up for more than 2 minutes or the shape is not firm, and the text is off: 1.To consider whether the indoor temperature is above 20℃; 2.To check whether the thermistor has poor contact or failure; 3.To see if the voltage reaches 220V; 4.To see if the paper and […]

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