The reason why the printer does not feed paper

1. Check if the printing paper is wet Sometimes, if the printing paper is damp, the printing will not feed! At this time, dry paper needs to be replaced to print normally. 2. Check the printing paper loading position Check whether the loading position of the printing paper is correct and whether it exceeds the […]

Why Does The Printer Have Horizontal Leakage

1. The photosensitive drum layer or drum gear is defective If the photosensitive drum layer or drum gear of the toner cartridge is defective, the toner cartridge is basically scrapped and can no longer be used. At this time, only a new toner cartridge can be replaced. 2. The magnetic roller cover, magnetic roller coating, […]

Why Laser Printer Prints Garbled Characters?

1. The parallel port of the printing device is damaged or the data line problem When the parallel port of the printing device is damaged or the data cable problem, you can replace the data cable to see if the printer can be used normally, but if it still cannot be solved, you can only […]

How to Store the Toner Cartridge

Laser printers have won the favor of consumers for their good printing quality, low noise and high speed. By 2012, the market share of laser printers increased rapidly and became the leading product in the market. The toner cartridge is a very important part of the laser printer. The quality of the toner cartridge affects […]

The Difference Between Toner Cartridge and Powder

1. Toner drums, also called photosensitive drums, are generally composed of a basic substrate made of aluminum and a photosensitive material coated on the substrate. The toner cartridge not only determines the quality of the print, but also determines the amount of money users need to spend in the process of use. In laser printers, […]

The Fuction of the Toner Cartridge Chip

The toner cartridge chip is a control component on the toner cartridge. Its function is very simple, receive information, store information, feedback information, and control the printer based on this information. 1. Receive information, mainly including the print volume of the toner cartridge, the amount of toner and the coverage of toner. This information is […]

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