Asta Participated in 126th Canton Fair

What we expect 12th Canton Fair finally comes today! We display toner cartridge, copier toner kit, ink, ink cartridge,  barcode printer, label paper, label tape cassette thermal transfer ribbon, and 3D filament.                     Booth is at Hall A 1.2L03 Address: Venue: No.382, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, […]

The Difference Between Traditional Toner and Chemical Toner

  Toner is the blood flowing in the toner cartridge. The quality of the toner is not only related to the final print quality but also related to environmental protection and health. From early physical grinding of toner to the introduction of chemically formulated toners in 1998 to precision black toner/ECO smart toners, HP continues […]

Colombia Customer Order Toner Cartridges

Our old customers from Colombia order toner cartridges in bulk again including 12a, 85a, 13a ,78a etc. And We prepare the goods and ship today. Hope he could get the goods soon and sell in Colombia market. Shenzhen Asta Co.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of toner cartridges and copier toner more than 15 years

Mali Customer order toner cartridges

Our Customer from Mali order 12a, 85a, 36a, 11a etc toner cartridges. After our worker ten days working,  we finally prepare his goods. And we decide to ship today. Thanks to our customer's support.

HP Promotes Green Future Printing Business

Regeneration Times Report / Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd. (NYSE: HPQ) announced at the World Economic Forum's Sustainability Impact Summit that it will work with its long-term partner and conservation leader World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to implement the latest initiatives to promote green environmental protection. Future print business. HP will work with the World Wide […]

Notable Difference Between Ink Tanks And Ink Cartridges

Thanks to technology, customers now have a wider variety of printing options to choose from when looking for a printer of their choice. When buying inkjet printers, in particular, one has to decide whether they would prefer an inkjet printer that uses an ink tank one that uses ink cartridges. Until very recently, manufacturers sold […]

Are printers easier to use in 2019?

Are printers easier to use now than twenty years ago? In the movie “Office Space,” disgruntled office workers bring their error-prone printer into a nearby field and start smashing it. This helps them feel better about their work and printer challenges. While the scene is fun to watch, it portrays printers in a negative light. Fortunately, printers […]

A New Start for Chinese Printing

When “Made in China” products started to spread across the world, people started to form impressions about this large “world factory.” These three words, “Made in China,” became a symbol of low price and low quality. With the advent of super technologies such as the world’s fastest trains, 5G, and aerospace technologies, many today have […]

The Trump Tariffs on Imaging Consumables

For more than a year, the news about an end to the Sino-U.S. trade has fluctuated weekly, often daily, between optimism and pessimism, with a resolution one day imminent and the next remote. While tariffs are typically imposed to achieve trade-related policy objectives, President Trump’s administration has been unusual in its aggressive use of tariffs […]

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