Boom, ASTA Product New Product

ASTA Publish New Product Every day, every second, we need to work hard and always do. Then the question is coming. What is the meaning of hard work? Have you achieved results?Today, we, ASTA will show you the hard working achievements. What do you need, we can give you: there is always one for you. […]

ASTA New Product Launched- Compatible CRG-050T/D with toner and drum

ASTA Launched New Product Innovation is the heartland of a company, especially in the traditional manufacture industry. And this is always the most important thing in ASTA. Just in yesterday, at the same time is the National Women's day, ASTA has launched its new product. In Chinese tradition, we call it: Good things come in pairs. […]

Celebrating women's day

Celebrating women's day        Every March 8, is International Women's Day. It started in 1975. To celebrate Women's important contributions and achievements in the economic, political and social fields. Today as a woman, no matter who you are or what is your job. You will be treated as the same.     In […]

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